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Better – A year to be better!

Where did 2017 go?
Is it because we are getting older that the years seem to go quicker or is a result of working long and hard and the days just all roll into one….
Well 2018 here we are!
January is always a good time for reflection – looking back and relishing in what was brilliant, evaluating the challenges and making concrete plans for a better year ahead – better work life balance, better business, better everything. Yes! The key is ‘Better’!
So, on reflection what was better last year than the previous year?
What progress did you make?
What changes did you embrace that resulted in a better outcome?
However big or small the outcome and the achievements, lets celebrate what was ‘Better’!
What matters most is that we achieved ‘Better’. Better than previously. Better is brilliant.
Yes, ‘Better’ is our Buzz word for 2018, and we are committing to being ‘Better’.
It isn’t by chance that the All Blacks are considered the best Rugby team in the world and it fact, now one of the best and most admired sports teams globally.
It was Coach Graham Henry that started the All Blacks on a ‘Better’ journey. His coaching philosophy wasn’t based on win at all odds, be the best, stay on top ….
It was all about striving to be ‘Better’! Play the game better than you played the last, train better and harder than yesterday, be a better All Black that future generations will look up to. It was and still is a winning formula.
The All Blacks keep getting better and they have raised the standard and performance in the rugby world.
I am going to be an All Black in 2018!
Yes, you are right apart from tossing a ball in the back yard, I can’t play rugby, but I can employ the ‘Better’ concept. I can think like an All Black, I can train and work on my business just like they work on their game and I can focus every performance and delivery on being ‘Better’.
2017 was so much better than 2016
2018 is already better than 2017
Here is my invitation to you – take the ‘Better’ challenge!
Start by thinking better, doing better, focus on being better, be determined to deliver better.
Cheers to a better 2018

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