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Good Looks – they certainly matter!

There is no doubt that the presentation of your store from the outside will influence the customers decision as to whether or not they want to walk across that threshold. What they see, find, hear, smell and how they are greeted inside the store will have a huge impact on how long they stay. And, we all know the longer a customer stays in store the greater the chance of a sale. Good looks do matter. You have a 5 second window (excuse the pun!) from the time they look at your store for them to decide if they want to enter. You have 90 seconds once inside the store and you engage with them, for them to decide whether or not they want to do business with you. No long is it! How you look on the outside carries so much weight! Imagine … Imagine if your window displays were such that everyone stopped and stared and said WOW, what is that? Imagine the crowds congregating on the footpath, talking about you, yes your store and what might be inside…… So, we need to start from the outside and work our way in. Think about it, what do you display in your window – yes I know, jewellery – but what else? What in your window talks about your brand, your personality, your creativeness, your diversity, your uniqueness – or is it just about the product? What in your window evokes an emotion that says ‘I need to touch that’ … What in your window sets you apart from all the other jewellery retailers – because it simply won’t be stock, and it won’t be standard jewellery displays! So, take a walk on the outside today Ask yourself the above questions and throw a challenge to your team – how do we look, how could we look and what could the difference be…..   Need some ideas – reach out : helen@helentc.com Always here to help!   Thought for today: Be BOLD Be generous Be true to yourself Change the world even if just a little bit, and TRIUMP over adversity!   Until next time, happy and successful selling Fond regards Helen

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