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Marriage Celebrant


I was delighted to be asked a number of years ago now by some dear friends if I could ‘Marry’ them. Becoming a ‘Celebrant’ has given me so much joy and I have loved meeting with the couples and planning their very special day. Your wedding should be everything you dreamed it would/could be and more and we see being part of that such a special privilege. No two weddings are ever the same and one of the things we do differently is we tell the ‘love story’ – this creates intimacy and personalises the ceremony.

Helen x

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Anna & Daniel

Wedding testimonial from Anna & Daniels special day.

Anna & Stephen Knox

Anna & Stephen

Wedding testimonial from Anna & Stephens special day.

Felicity & Brad

Wedding testimonial from Felicity & Brads special day.

Anya & Andrew

Wedding testimonial from Anya & Andrews special day.

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