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Life is a journey. A journey of love, loss, experience, learning and celebration.
helentc is dedicated to making a difference through training, consulting, mentoring and advising with a passion for community, youth, charity and celebration.

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helentc offers corporate training, mentoring and consulting and has more than 20 years experience across a number of industries


Want to take your sales team to the next level? helentc offers a number of tailored in-store sales training packages and sessions for you and your sales team


At the heart of every business should be a Charity. helentc ltd works closely with the Heart Foundations' 'forwomen' campaign supporting heart health education and research


We understand that each wedding day is different and will work with you to ensure that your day is as special and individual as you are


helentc.com is about simply agitating and aggravating your current thought processes...”

Helen thompson-carter


expert in Experiential marketing


Weddings marriage celebrant


Keynote guest speaker


Years corporate training

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"Helen is not only inspriational and powerful - she captures the audience and enhances the overall class and elegance of the event... "

Vanessa Green

Multimedia Magazines


"Helen analysed our strategies, encouraged us to consider all tactics, challenged ideas and remained focused on the end goal..."

Tracy Van Oostrum

Love in a Jewel


"Thank you very much for your generous gifts for the Pink Ribbon Breakfast. It was a huge success..."

Irena Mikolic

Grow Creative Hub


"Helen was professional yet witty, sincere yet funny, and personable with each and every one of our friends and family. She made everything from writing our vowels, to the proceedings of the reception smooth and easygoing..."

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  Ok, so here goes: Why did the beetroot blush? Because she saw the salad dressing! Funny eh!   Ok, one more: A chicken walks into a library. He goes…

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